Johann Giovanni John

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II: dm⁷          /A                dm⁷/F 

    Johann, Giovanni, John,

/D          am⁷    /E     dm⁷       /A 

can you hear your song?

              F∆      /C        fm⁷        /Ab    BØ 

do you know why you came?

/D         GØ⁷b9/B   /G   E⁷          /B            A⁷/b9  /E  :II

Just in this time      to the planet earth


Strophe 1:

F∆                          G⁷/D            /G 

All long ago your soul decided

           F∆     dm⁷          G⁷/B          /G 

To explore again to be human

F∆         BØ⁷                         G⁷b9           /B  

Taking part in the game of space and time

II:         em⁷           dm⁷       F∆        am⁷      ./C   :II

             F⁷            G7b9                  A7b9

II: and feelings of joy        and       pain :II


Strophe 2:

Individuals in community

Each one brings special gifts

Reconnecting with the higher self

II: divinity is creating our being :II


Strophe 3:

Now is the time of changing life

For compassion and awareness

A loving mind is healing wounds

II: within you and all over the world :II

Johann, Giovanni, John
let's sing the heart song now


Strophe 4:

The holy spirit is shining through

Painting the colors of wisdom

Our judgements have gone, acceptance is here

II:         em⁷           dm⁷       F∆        am⁷      ./C   :II

             F⁷            G7b9                  dm79

II: love and peace are ruling everywhere :II

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